What to do


Stag Nights   If you’re looking for the latest hotspot to celebrate yours or your mates stag weekend then pat yourself on the back! Despite being relatively unknown Wroclaw has got all the essential ingredients for a sensational stag weekend, including an amazing array of bars and nightclubs, fantastically cheap beer and vodka, and – most importantly – some of the most stunning women on the planet!




Cosmetic Surgery   With Polish surgeons and doctors enjoying an excellent international reputation, it’s no wonder that so many people are opting for cosmetic surgery in Poland. If you are thinking about going under the knife in Poland for corrective then do your research and be sure to find a professional clinic. Below name of company offering cosmetic surgery where you might want to begin your journey.




Dentist   Most dentist in Poland offers affordable dental treatments ranging from cosmetic dentistry, to regular surgery, prosthetics and implantology at their professional and fully-equipped clinics.




Toya Golf   Toya golf & Country Club is located few kilometers north of the city center. The one of the most beautiful golf courses in Poland was built on an ex-military practicing ground.Military traces are still visible and make some of the holes very unique. The designer Jeremy Pern gave a links character to the open parts of the course and a parkland character to the part between the trees and lakes. Some parts of the terrain remained untouched during construction, giving the course a very mature look.




Karting   The longest karting track in Poland is located next to Euro 2012 stadium. It  has over 700meters, maximal speed which you can get here is 65km/h. 10min of a ride cost 35pln, 1h 160pln.




Shopping   The first and the oldest is the RENOMA shopping center (at Swidnicka Street). The other great shopping spot is just 500 meters away. The ARKADY WROCLAWSKIE where we can see water container with exotic fishes inside, arkady are located at Powstancow Slaskich Street. GALERIA DOMINIKANSKA is another place where you can shop, eat and have fun. The shopping center is located at Dominikanski Square only 500 meters from the Market Square. The other shopping centers are a little bit further away from the downtown. The first one is the PASAZ GRUNWALDZKI at the Grunwaldzki Square and on the other end of the city is MAGNOLIA PARK which is the largest shopping-enterteinment-recreation mall in Lower Silesia with over 230 shops, cafeterias, restaurants and services, Helios multiplex and the only 5D cinema in Wroclaw.




Miraz Bowling Center   Located at legnicka street, this entertainment center features 10 bowling lanes, 4 billiards tables, a bar, gaming machines, darts and more.




Summer Activity – Wake Park   Open air water park with wide range of water sport activities.  Including wakeboarding, waterskiing and water scooters. Complex is located next to new stadium.





Paintball   Wroclaw has some extremely entertaining paintballing options, none more so than this competitively-priced few hours of pseudo-battle in a specially tailored outdoor area involving trenches, shelters, obstacles and a hunting tower.




Odra River Cruise   Cruise on the Odra River the second biggest in Poland, would be a chance to admire the breathtaking panorama of the Old Town and beautiful city bridges. The most famous is the Grunwaldzki suspension bridge with a steel construction – one of the city’s symbols.




Tour Guide   Dear Visitor, join Us and travel through past centuries visiting monuments, museums, modern places, green areas along the Odra River. Taste Polish cuisine in charming restaurants with stunning interiors. Compare Wroclaw with other places and understand why we have chosen it as our place to live!