Amazing region and breathtaking view’s

One day Tour’s with Airport Wroclaw Transfer

Castle Chojnik & Waterfall Podgorna

Castle Chojnik burnt down in 1675 when struck by lightning and since then it has been a ruin. The rocky hill it stands on is visited by masses of tourists who are attracted by the picturesque castle ruins. From the tower is a beautiful view over the area. Beautiful but less often visited is the third Karkonosze Waterfall in Przesieka – Podgórna. At an elevation of 550m. It is created by Podgórna River. Nearby run the green and yellow tourist routes to Borowice.


Main Attraction:

  • Scenic Karkonosze region
  • Castle ruins
  • View from the tower

Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 8h