Visit and admire beautiful Castle Czocha

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Castle Czocha


Its beginnings date from the 12th century. Through the ages it was ruled by the Piasts, Czechs, Saxons and Germans. It is picturesquely located on a high headland in the Kwisa River bend, at the foot of Lesniawskie Lake which is a dam lake. There are numerous events and legends connected with the castle. Czocha attracts visitors most are rich collections of the museum and meticulously renovated  castle interiors with numerous valuable expositions, such as the Armory where over one thousands of hunting and military weapons are displayed.


Main Attraction:

  • Castle Czocha
  • Legends of a Castle
  • Exhibitions and expositions
  • Beautiful mountainous region

Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 10h

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