Extraordinary and Famous polish Fortress

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Fortress Donjon & Fortress Klodzko

Description: Donjon – was built at the Prussian king’s – Frederick II – command as a border fortress. It is a complex of six fortifications. Overlooking its surroundings, located at a height of 685m it is the biggest fortified building in Europe. The fortress was never captured. Later on it became a prison. During World War 2 in one of the forts was a prisoner of war camp for Polish officers.

Fortress Klodzko – admire the panorama of the city and mountains surrounding the Earth Kłodzka being Visitor County of the Sudetenland. The bravest are welcome to our underground labyrinths. There waiting for you to move over a kilometer from the several kilometer long network of underground walkways slope extending into battle fortress. It is a place shrouded in an aura of mystery , which collects a lot of historical events from the past and the various legends and stories.


Main Attraction:

  • Scenic region
  • Biggest fortifield building in Europa
  • Underground walkways
  • Monuments of defensive architecture
  • Museum  of military artifacts
  • Panorama view of a valley

Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 8h


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