Visit famous Książ Castle and Explore Underground City Osówka

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The Ksiaze Castle & Osowka

The Ksiaze Castle & Osowka

 Description: Ksiaz Castle is one of the most glamorous castles in Poland called the Pearl of Lower Silesia! It is located at the rock stretching above the local woods. Breathtaking views and full of splendor chambers of the castle are simply unforgettable.

At the next stage of tour we will take you to the Underground City Osówka, the last one, the main and the most extensive (although unfinished) headquarter of Adolf Hitler in Lower Silesia. If you are planning a holiday in the Sowie Mountains, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the remains of the mysterious last project of the Third Reich.


Main Attractions:

  • One of the most beautiful strongholds in Poland – the Ksiaze Castle
  • Beautiful hilly forested landscape
  • Breathing views in Sowie Mountains
  • The Unerground City Complex

Estimated time for Transfer & Sightseeing: 9h

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